Aspen Forest

Aspen Forest

Aspen Forest

We have a lot of quaking aspen trees in our yard here in Oregon. The white bark of the tree trunks stands out in contrast to the dark greens and browns in the forest setting. When the leaves shimmer and shake as the wind blows I become mesmerized by the scene. This drawing is done from memory with a whimsical approach in pen and ink. For a larger image go to this link. I am offering this original 11 x 14 inch drawing for sale unframed for $120. It is on acid free Bristol Board. The price includes shipping. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase the original.

If you would rather have a print on canvas, metal, or paper; view all the options at Fine Art America. You can even get cards with this image, or a iPhone case.

2 comments to Aspen Forest

  • Morris

    I am pleased that I could purchase an original example of this last week at Sunriver! I do miss Aspens by living on the wetside.

    • Terry Giltner

      It was great meeting you at the gallery! Thank you for purchasing my aspen drawing. I am glad it could go to a good home!Come back and see us at the gallery!

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