Small Sunriver Scene

Small Sunriver Scene

Everyday I drive past this scene I am amazed at the beauty of the mountains. The fall colors give just the right boost of color to the landscape. This piece is done with watercolor on cradled claybord. It is 5″ x 5″. You can see the texture of the claybord […]

Why Buy Original Art?

Wyoming Summer

When decorating your home consider buying original art. Since I am an artist, this subject is very close to home for me. Not only am I an artist but I am also an art collector. I love filling my home with original art work created by other artists. Each wonderful original […]

Framing Your Art Work


Happy Painting!

A few months ago I sold a painting titled, Cosmos at the Coffee Shoppe. The unframed painting was shipped to my customer, Betty Dunn, in Navasota, Texas. I asked Betty if she would mind sharing a photograph of the art work after she got it back home from the framer. […]

Towering Ponderosa Pine

Towering Ponderosa Pine


There is a trail not far from my home in Bend, Oregon where the trees are so majestic that I spend much of my time looking up. It is quite hard to hike and look up at the same time. You tend to trip a lot. I get dizzy […]

The Fall River in Central Oregon

Fall River Scene

The Fall River is just down the road from where I live. The river is only 8 miles long and about 25 to 30 feet across. It is very shallow and from what I hear is a great place for fishing. I love going for long walks along the river […]

Gecko Magic

Gecko Magic

I love geckos. I was never really around many until I lived in Hawaii. My love for geckos inspired this painting of the little guys. I wanted to create something that was fun, colorful, and had personality.

I used mask to create designs around the gecko drawings and to also create […]

When Traveling for the Summer

Abstract Painting

This summer my husband and I made a trek to Oregon and various other places. We drove over 6000 miles. That’s a lot of driving! I thought I would share a few things I worked on during this time.

First of all, I took at least a thousand photographs of our […]

Bird of Paradise with Tapa Cloth

I just uploaded this watercolor painting to Fine Art America. This piece was a new adventure for me. During the school year I often became inspired by the projects that my students were doing. After assigning Art I to paint using pointillism, I just had to give it a try. My students painted with Q-tips […]

Irises and Doodles

I just uploaded a new painting to Fine Art America today. It is one that has been done in stages. I drew the flowers and painted them in watercolor. Then I came back and played with pen and ink on the page. It was so fun! I think I am addicted to doodling. I just […]