Framing Your Art Work


Happy Painting

Happy Painting!

A few months ago I sold a painting titled, Cosmos at the Coffee Shoppe. The unframed painting was shipped to my customer, Betty Dunn, in Navasota, Texas. I asked Betty if she would mind sharing a photograph of the art work after she got it back home from the framer. Betty did just that and you can see how beautifully matted and framed the painting is. I think it looks great. It looks like a happy painting.

When you purchase an original piece of art work it is important to frame it properly. The materials used are crucial to making sure the art work will be around for years to come. When framing a watercolor be sure to ask the framer to use all acid free materials. That includes the backing, matboard, and tape. Make sure that the glass does not touch the art work. That is one purpose of the mat. The mat creates space between the art work and the glass.

Do not use cardboard and masking tape when framing. Those two items will cause discoloration and problems with your art investment. I like to use linen tape and acid free foam core for the backing on my work. I also try to purchase museum quality matboard if I am doing my own framing.

As far as the frame goes, that is personal taste. Try to pick something that is not going to compete with the art work. The purpose of the frame is to compliment the art work not take away from. Another thing to think about  is where you hang the work. Be sure that the painting will not be in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the work to fade.

I love it when I see one of my pieces nicely framed and hung in the home or office of a customer. It makes me proud to see my work being enjoyed by others. Original art work is something to be enjoyed, loved, and protected. Thanks Betty for sharing your photo!


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