Thank You so much to all those that have purchased my art work over the years. You are appreciated greatly! What an honor and compliment it is when you love my work enough to buy it. Below are some comments by owners of my work.

“Terry’s work, mostly done in watercolor, is built on impeccable drawing skill without much evidence of actual drawing, creating a deception of spontaneous creativity. Her work is very reasonably priced, lots of bang for the buck, very uplifting, it will improve your health and add years to your life.” Russell Cushman, Texas

“Terry is a dear friend and I wanted to have some of her work. Her work made my home more beautiful and is very calming.”  Located in Hawaii.

“We own two of Terry’s paintings. They are good and are timeless. We have them in our home and enjoy them daily.”
Bill Bradford, Texas

“Terry paints pictures that make you happy just to look at… The vibrant colors and capturing the essence of the moment make Terry’s work unique. ‘On the Big Island’ has brought the feeling of Hawaii into our home. We love vacationing in the islands and seeing the picture takes us right back to the beautiful scenery and happy people!”
Diane, California

Diane with On the Big Island

Diane with On the Big Island


“Oh Terry I am so thrilled !!! The painting is so wonderful!!! I am taking it tomorrow to get it framed and will send you a picture of it on my wall!  I am so proud of it – I know you will probably miss it!  Kinda like selling a child !!!   I will take care of it always. And think of you every day and brag to my friends that my friend is the artist!!!”
Rhoda, Texas
Growing Old Together

Watercolor above the bed, “Growing Old Together”

“Attached is a picture of my bedroom with my favorite picture in the world above my bed.” Rhoda, Texas

“Irises” hangs in my bedroom and it is like waking to a bouquet of flowers. Terry’s work shows reality yet subtleness. I purchase art only when I see something that says ‘buy it.'”
Betty, Texas

“We have purchased 6 paintings from Terry. Every painting is quality, an award-winner. They are not like photos, but even more life-like. The subject is painted at just the right angle. You can not go wrong with owning one of Terry’s paintings. You would always love it and never lose interest in it. Her paintings made our home more attractive and interesting. ”
Carl and Billie Greer, Texas