The Fall River in Central Oregon

Fall River Scene

Fall River Scene

The Fall River is just down the road from where I live. The river is only 8 miles long and about 25 to 30 feet across. It is very shallow and from what I hear is a great place for fishing. I love going for long walks along the river so I can enjoy its beauty and the tranquility I feel when I visit. There are some great hiking trails that take you all the way to the springs where the river comes gurgling out of the rocky ground. I have hiked and snowshoed the trails in different times of the year. Everytime I visit I feel refreshed.

Of course when I hike the river I bring my camera. I am not sure how many pictures of the river I have taken. Let’s just say, “A lot.” Anyway, I have plans of doing numerous paintings of the river, some large and some small. Today I want to share with you a small watercolor of part of the river that caught my attention. In this view, the beaver had really taken numerous trees out. Those fallen trees crisscross the edge of the river creating a pattern of water, texture, and light.

This original watercolor painting is 11 inches by 15 inches. It is on 140 lb watercolor paper. I am selling the image, unframed and unmatted, for a $120.00. That price includes shipping. If you have never invested in original art before, this would be a great piece to start with. If you would like to purchase this piece, click on the PayPal button below.

The photo of the painting is low resolution for speed of downloading. If you would like to see a better quality picture before making your decision to purchase, click the link to Fine Art America. While there you can see the other options for purchasing cards or prints. If you have any questions, please email me or write a comment at the bottom of this post. Thanks for coming by.

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