Towering Ponderosa Pine

Towering ponderosa pine

Towering Ponderosa Pine


There is a trail not far from my home in Bend, Oregon where the trees are so majestic that I spend much of my time looking up. It  is quite hard to hike and look up at the same time. You tend to trip a lot. I  get dizzy as well. Because I enjoy viewing the trees so much, I decided to spend some time taking photographs of the trees from my perspective. Afterwards, I created a painting of one of my favorite trees. It is a Ponderosa Pine tree. I titled the painting, “Towering Ponderosa Pine.”

This original painting is currently for sale. It is 15″ x 21″ on watercolor paper. The painting is watercolor with some pen and ink. The price of the painting is $275.00, shipping included. If you have never purchased original art work before, this would be a great one to start with. Click the button below to purchase.


If you would rather have a print, canvas, or card of this painting go to Fine Art America to see the sizes and type of art work that are available.

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