Why Buy Original Art?

Wyoming Summer

Wyoming Summer

When decorating your home consider buying original art. Since I am an artist, this subject is very close to home for me. Not only am I an artist but I am also an art collector. I love filling my home with original art work created by other artists. Each wonderful original piece of art tells its own story.

There are so many places to buy images to decorate your home. Some people feel that they can not afford original art so they spend several hundred dollars on a print instead of going to local artists or art galleries. You might be surprised to find that local original art work isn’t that outrageously priced. You can probably find some original work pretty reasonably priced.

So why buy original art?

  • An original piece of art work is unique. You will have a one of a kind piece of work that no one else in the whole world has.
  • Buying an original piece of art work can be an investment. The value of the work has the possibility of increasing depending on the artist.
  • The quality of original art work is going to give you a lasting investment. When you buy an original and frame it with quality materials, your art work should last for decades. You will have something that can be passed on in your family through the generations.
  • When you purchase original art work you are supporting the creativity and livelihood of an artist rather than a printing company. I have many friends that are artists, plus I have taken workshops and gone to demonstrations done by artists. I try to support those artists by purchasing work, even if it is a small piece. Sometimes if you buy the artwork that was done in a demonstration, you can get a better price.
  • Original art will create a focal point for any room in your home. I enjoy decorating around the art so I keep my home neutral and let the art work give the pop when you walk in the room.
  • Buy original art work as a reminder of a trip or event in your life. When I travel I like to purchase a piece of art work on the trip. I could just buy a t-shirt and other typical souvenirs, but having a piece of art work really triggers the memories of a wonderful time.
  • Buy original art work just because you love it and are inspired by it.

So the next time you want to buy something for your home or as a gift for a family member or friend think about buying original art. Why? Because if you do you will have a unique investment that should last. You will be supporting an artist, creating a focal point in your home, and will have a reminder of something that you love or are inspired by.

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