Why Buy Original Art?

Wyoming Summer

When decorating your home consider buying original art. Since I am an artist, this subject is very close to home for me. Not only am I an artist but I am also an art collector. I love filling my home with original art work created by other artists. Each wonderful original […]

Framing Your Art Work


Happy Painting!

A few months ago I sold a painting titled, Cosmos at the Coffee Shoppe. The unframed painting was shipped to my customer, Betty Dunn, in Navasota, Texas. I asked Betty if she would mind sharing a photograph of the art work after she got it back home from the framer. […]

Towering Ponderosa Pine

Towering Ponderosa Pine


There is a trail not far from my home in Bend, Oregon where the trees are so majestic that I spend much of my time looking up. It is quite hard to hike and look up at the same time. You tend to trip a lot. I get dizzy […]